• Top Things You Shouldn’t Forget When Selling Authentic Diamond Ring

    If you are planning to sell your diamond ring, no matter what the reasons are, there are several essential things to consider; especially when you are aiming to get the right deal for your jewelry. Rather than just accepting any offer from the internet so easy, you should start looking for a reliable, legitimate, and honest diamond ring buyer.

    To help you, here are a few useful information on the things that you shouldn’t forget when selling authentic diamond ring:

    #1 Know your diamond

    Before heading to a jeweler near you, you should know your diamond first. You must know the value of your diamond ring before selling it to a buyer.

    A diamond ring is assessed and appraised separately from the diamond itself and the metal that holds the diamond; however, when it comes to evaluation and grading, the diamond gets a higher value than the metal.

    If you are going to sell your diamond ring, you have to visit a reliable appraiser – a licensed professional that assesses and evaluates the diamond’s value according to the market’s current condition. To understand how appraisal works, diamonds are being assessed according to the 4C’s – cut, color, clarity, and carat weight.

    • The cut is the most important characteristic of a diamond; it influences the diamond’s value the most; specifically, the diamond’s sparkle.
    • The color is the second most important characteristic of a diamond; as per GIA, a diamond with lesser color is more valuable than those that are shaded.
    • Clarity comes in third. It is referred to as the evaluation of the diamond’s surface blemishes or irregularities and its inclusions or internal features; these imperfections are often microscopic.
    • The carat weight comes in fourth; it is referred to as the diamond’s total weight and not its size.

    #2 Sell it to a reliable buyer

    An authentic diamond ring shouldn’t be sold just anywhere; you should look for a reliable and honest buyer. If you can’t easily find one, you may sell one here super quickly – Speedy Diamond.

    Speedy Diamond is one of the reliable buying branches of one of America’s biggest and reliable independent jewelry stores – Windsor Fine Jeweler in Augusta, GA. The best thing about Speedy Diamond, you’ll get an accurate quote, as well as, get the right deal for your diamond ring, especially when there is no middle man to take a cut with the sale.

    #3 Be realistic with your expectation

    Be realistic; when it comes to selling diamond jewelry of any kind, it wouldn’t be easy. So, you have to prepare, find the right team to sell your ring if you can’t find the right buyer for you, and do not expect too much. Remember that the overall price of the diamond ring that you are planning to sell shall depend on your ring’s overall market value.

    If you need additional details on how to sell your diamond fast and easy, you may read reliable posts like this and or visit Speedy Diamond’s official website.

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